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Michael works since 2014 as a consultant, marketer and producer in Los Angeles. He has won numerous US screenwriting competitions (STORYPROS, LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL AUSTIN INDIE FLIX, FAMILY FILM FEST LA) while developing and writing TV series and feature films with US and German companies. He was crucial in setting up a cooperation between UCLA and The German Film University in Berlin on a joint Masters program for TV screenwriting.

In Germany, Michael created, produced and wrote six drama series, over sixty TV movies and feature films. As a producer, he has overlooked national and international productions, including Oscar Roehler’s JEW SUSS: RISE AND FALL. As head writer, he adapted the Colombian Telenovela hit BETTY LA FEA (UGLY BETTY in the US) for German TV. In 2005, Michael won the GERMAN TELEVISION AWARD (“German Emmy”) as head writer of VERLIEBT IN BERLIN.

Most recently, Michael's serialized period drama DARK SIDE OF THE MOON was optioned,  he adapted a US Network crime drama show for German TV, he sold another serialized drama to FremantleMedia and he adapted a Turkish bestselling novel into a feature film script.

Michael worked as a juror for the Emmys and their Peter Ustinov Prize for Emerging Screenwriters, and he is a member of the selection committee for scriptwriting of the German Academy of Television.