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A recent study found we consult our mobile devices up to 90 times a day. Add six hours of computer screen time for the average white collar worker and 3-4 hours of television and you will ask yourself when do we find time to eat, talk, sleep or just to take five and relax in the sun. Truth is, we have long become accustomed to do things while doing other things; we talk and check our messages, we eat and write a quick email to our boss, merely awake we check our smartphone for news, messages and missed calls. That can’t be healthy and in fact it isn’t. So here is my suggestion: Chose one day a week to wind down electronically; switch all devices off for 24 hours.

All machines off for one day was a daring promise to myself but I knew I needed it. At first it is a frustrating experience, not unlike when you quit smoking. I was at a loss what to do with the time -and my free hands- but then I started to see all the things that were waiting for me in the offline world: A book I wanted to read for so long sitting patiently on my shelf, a walk around the block with my eyes and my mind open for new experiences got me in touch with interesting neighbors and then there are all these other wonderful activities, taking a nap, cooking, playing with my cats, - and yes, having a real conversation with a good friend.

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