I am passionate about creating and writing for TV and content development. As a marketer and product manager I have 5+ years of experience in the US in client relationship building, marketing projects for my partners from Italy, Germany, the U.K., and Spain.

I offer coaching, preparing for pitches and presentations, a comprehensive strategy in building relationships with US studios, production companies, buyers, agencies and management companies for European writers.


My services include:

  • Free first assessment of pilot script or series concept

  • Free first consultation over Skype or FaceTime (30 min)

Basic package ($60.00)

  • 5 pages of detailed notes

  • Character, Plot, Structure, Dialogue, and Concept Analysis

  • A Pass, Consider, or Recommend rating

  • An overall impression that will highlight extra factors like voice

  • A score from 1-10 so you can compare progress within ratings

  • 72 hour turnaround time

Full package ($100.00)

  • Everything from the basic package plus…

  • A 2-3 page synopsis to show how your plot points are perceived

  • Marketability analysis and recommendations to help sell your script

  • A recommended logline for pitching

  • 72 hour turnaround time

Premium package ($150.00)

  • Everything from the full package plus…

  • In PDF notes throughout the script

  • Specific suggestions for detailed changes in your script

  • Dialogue, slugline, and action recommendations on the PDF

  • Included follow-up questions (normally $25)

Please get in touch for additional services such as


  • Thorough scrub of your screenplay for typos, spelling, and grammar errors

  • Notes focused on characterization, tone, voice, market, and theme.

  • Polish for distribution, 

  • Professional one-sheet summary including tone, themes, plot, and characters to be used for pitching 

  • Consulting and Script Doctoring $250.00/day or $2000.00/week (includes Premium package services
    + Skype consultation + follow-up notes on revised draft


- Treatment or Pitch coverage will be charged an extra $1 per page over 20 and Marketing One-Pagers will be charged an extra $2 per page over 120 pages.
- Rush coverage (24-hour turnaround time or less) is available for an added fee.
- Please allow an extra 24 hours if you request a specific reader.
- While we always attempt to fulfill our promised turnaround times, and succeed in doing so more than 99% of the time, occasionally heavy traffic, staff holidays, or uncontrollable events prevent the coverage from being returned within the promised turnaround time. Coverage delayed less than 24 hours is not subject to any refund or compensation. Thank you for your understanding.